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Download your goal setting template here

Are you ready to take back some time to reach your own goals while at the same time teaching your child some key character building skills?

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Download your goal ladder template here

Children learn by phyiscally doing, get them invested in the goal setting process by having them create their own goal ladder.

A goal ladder is a tool that helps you set smaller goals that lead up to one bigger goal. Each rung on the ladder represents a sub-goal that allows you to step up closer to your big goal and helps you break your big goal into more manageable, smaller milestones


Download your free gratitude activity here

The first 5 years of a child’s life are a critical time in shaping their brain and how they will experience life as they grow into adulthood. We need to capitalize on this and start to create habits and thought processes that ensure resilience and overall good mental health from as young as possible. One such habit is practising an attitude of gratitude.

Download your free gratitude printable here and make learning this skill fun!

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Download your free empathy activity here

Having empathy enables us to build social connections. This is hugely important for our optimal wellbeing as it allows us to feel connected to others . It is the very basis of human relationships and helps us to feel a sense of belonging as well as valued, loved, and cared for. Being connected to others is good for our mental wellbeing.

This 'Put Yourself In Someone Else's Shoes' activity allows us to start the conversation about what it means to empathise with others. 

Children are more open to discussion while they are doing something fun. Get them drawing and engaging with you on this important skill.


Download your Mental Health in the Home webinar summary

Good news! I found what was shared so valuable that I felt everyone should have access to it so I created a brief overview of the points covered. You can download it here

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